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advocacy_logoStatement on the current anti-police rhetoric in the U.S.A.

On behalf of men and women in law enforcement across the country, the National Latino Peace Officers Association Advocacy would like to offer the following statement:

The entire law enforcement community is hurting.  Our brothers and sisters in blue across the country are being senselessly murdered.  The uniform has become a target for people with a hatred for law and order.  The anti-police rhetoric coming from our political leaders, social media, and media outlets must cease.  Inflammatory comments that come with a rush to judgement before even so much as one small fact about an officer involved shooting has created an environment even more dangerous than any officer could have ever imagined.  Although officers never stop being “on duty,” they are husbands, wives, sons, daughters, and mothers and fathers.  Their whole goal the entire day is to make it home safely at the end of shift.  An entire profession being demonized for the actions of very few is not only degrading, but despicable.  Every officer in the country raises their hand and swears to uphold the law.  They also swear to follow a code of ethics that does not allow to see corruption or unlawful acts by a fellow officer without saying something.  No officer wants to work with others that are going to put them in a situation that could cost them their job.

The thin blue line is the only thing that stands between a civilized society and total chaos.  The continued hate speech from the media and political leaders that plant a racial aspect into every situation involving a white officer and a black individual is absolutely pathetic.  There is no officer that dons a uniform that goes to work planning on shooting or killing someone.  No officer wants to use force in any situation unless they have no other answer to the situation.  A use of force is dictated by the actions of the individual that an officer has made contact with.  Officers use force only as a last resort and are trained to de-escalate the situation.

With the mass instant information stream of social media and the ever glaring eye of the mainstream media, officers are even putting themselves in more danger for fear of being on trial for not doing anything wrong.  With the recent tragedies that have occurred, the law enforcement family, some 800,000 strong, are mourning and yet continue to do their jobs.  They swore oaths to protect and serve their communities and now fear more than ever that every call could be their last.  We the NLPOA advocacy implore everyone to let due process take its course before condemning the actions of our men and women in uniform.  The continued inflammatory rhetoric has fanned the flames of hatred and has created an extremely dangerous atmosphere for all law enforcement across the country that is